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for all the lovers + the haters

We get it, Valentine's day is "a made-up holiday." We won't argue with you. Popular opinion says it's cooler to not celebrate it because corporate bullshit/love is for all days/any other reason...BUT! Can we all agree that we wouldn't be mad if we got a Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day) gift?? We'd be the opposite of mad; our little stone hearts would melt into sweet, runny, honey and our day would be made! So whether it's for/from your best pal, your sweetheart, or your mom, we've compiled a little last minute gift guide to give everyone a nudge in the right direction...

1. The Leah Alexandra Sunny Ear Climbers in Moonstone, $160, handmade in Vancouver by a super babe who you would want to be your bestie IRL. // 2. Ridiculously adorable cactus vase, $30, perhaps with some flowers from our pals at Academy Florist?? Um, yes. Definitely. // 3. The Kiss the Sun Dress from Somedays Lovin, $115, aka the perfect date night dress--it doesn't show wine spills! // 4. The Let the Night Roll bralet from Somedays Lovin, $44, has velvet. You don't need to know anything else. Velvet. // 5. The Leah Alexandra Fling Ring with Rose Quartz + Pink Chalcedony, $115, great for flings or full-time relationships...between it and your finger ;) // 6. The greatest little beaded, fringe-y bracelets from Jayu, $24 each, these are made fair trade by a company with the purpose of empowering women in Korea; they have girl power woven into their very core--sounds like the perfect galentine for your bestie, right?? // 7. The Lover's Kit from Province Apothecary, $38, all natural + made in Canada, you get a 30ml Sex Oil, a 30ml Lover's Oil massage oil, and the best fucking lip balm on the planet--pun intended. // 8. This bodysuit from Somedays Lovin, $72, is so beautiful and all we want to do is toss some high-waisted denim + an oversize army jacket over it--this move is also known as perfection. // 9. Hand-poured in freaking BRANDON, MANITOBA, Charleston & Harlow make the best candles we've ever met and they have some seriously sexy scents, $15, that will wow + soothe you as you watch Netflix alone and cry. If you're planning on crying for more than 30 hours we also have their larger candles, $32 each ;)

Helpful, yes?? See you at the shop lovers!