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PANTONE: 2017 goes green

Each year Pantone selects a colour to represent the year ahead, often with high hopes for the bright future that lay before us! What did they foresee in 2016? A sense of compassion, composure, respite & relaxation even in turbulent times. You see, Pantone is an optimist. And, while last year's Rose Quartz & Serenity definitely showed up in fashion & design, the message attached to the colour choice didn't exactly adhere to 2016, a year that had more disgruntled tweets & disappointed memes directed towards it than even The Donald himself.

Keeping in mind that last year's pale pink & blue were chosen to support gender equality & trans rights, we couldn't help but be impressed by Pantone's complete lack of subtlety when they chose Greenery for 2017. Greenery! No guessing here, Pantone wants us to make the environment our number one focus. Despite their failed wish for 2016 and the slew of non-environmentalists in power in some of the most influential countries around the globe, Pantone remains an optimist! And you know what, we're right there with you, Pantone!

Now what does all of this mean in terms of fashion? Well, you'll likely see Greenery in accessories & home decor more than you'll see it as an actual garment--it can be a difficult colour to wear--but that doesn't mean you won't see it in fashion. It was very present at the Alice & OliviaDolce & Gabbana,  Rochas, Gucci, and Balenciaga spring shows, and more often than not, you'll notice it delicately incorporated into prints or in it's physical form: actual straight-up greenery (as per below).


Elle Germany // February 2017 // Model: Maud Welzen // Photographer: Joshua Jordan // Styling: Kathrin Seidel

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