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BRAND PROFILE: unpublished

Listen up, Winnipeg! New brand alert! We're kiiiiinnnnda excited about this one...and by kiiiiinnnnda excited, I mean we're kiiiiinnnnda reeeeeaallly excited! The diffusion line of denim fan favourite Citizens of Humanity, Unpublished is one the the most luxe feeling denim's we've ever had the pleasure of stroking. Seriously. Have you ever wondered what it was like to wear butter instead of pants? That's what's going down. Frigging butter. Butter pants.  

Here's a little glimpse so you can prepare yourself for the moment your life is forever changed...

(If you're thinking that sounds a little dramatic, let us just say, "What? Us? Dramatic? Never." Once you touch them, you'll agree, in fact, you'll likely start singing "I Will Always Love You" with full diva power fists--now who's dramatic?)

Stay tuned on Insta for the official launch of Unpublished! (And, of course, the many other exciting spring arrivals ;)

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