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It's happening! That magical time of year when the WAG transforms into the biggest & best dance/costume party this side of...well, anywhere! Yielding four floors of dance party magic--yes, four--we always look forward to this one-of-a-kind gala, and this year we're going to have to look even further because Art & Soul 2017 is taking us TO THE FUTURE. That's right, this Saturday's Art & Soul is asking attendees to look Beyond Tomorrow.

Now, when we first heard the theme we immediately knew we had to do--channel our inner Fifth Element. (That's not just us, right, having an inner Fifth Element is universal?) So that's just what we did! We've complied some inspiration to help motivate fellow future-seekers in the form of 175 pins & counting. We're talking architectural silhouettes, metallic body paint, outlandish headgear--it's all there! 

Click here for: Our Beyond Tomorrow Inspiration Board

Art & Soul: Beyond Tomorrow // Saturday, January 21, 8pm - 2am