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the future is female

Cue the mother-f*cking marching band--DIOR IS BACK!!! How does one convey beam of light, angels singing, praise hands emoji in text?? If you figure it out please insert it here, we are SO. FLIPPING. HAPPY. 

Quick mini history so you can understand our glee (and then on to the pictures!): After the second World War, women's fashion was understated and leaned more towards men's tailoring, after all, they had just been dealt almost a decade of rationing fabrics and working in factories, BUT WOMEN LOVED IT. They could show their legs! They could wear pants! So when Christian Dior arrived on the scene with "The New Look," his ultra-feminine, cinched-in-at-the-waist silhouettes and full-bodied skirts caused a huge stir and even elicited riots. Yes, riots. With signs like these. I mean, he was "wasting" so much fabric! His cinched waists echoed the corset years! How dare he! BUT eventually the elegance, beauty & simplicity of it all won the hearts of EVERYONE, even the rioters. Dior became a mega-star. He even landed on the cover of Time magazine and he remains, to this day, one of the most recognizable designers. SO! With that being said, and after Dior's history of hiring amazing creative directors including Yves Saint Laurent & John Galliano, who were "true to the brand" while still infusing their own creative spirit (basically our main measure of a great creative director), we were SO FRUSTRATED with Raf Simons. Agh. He just was not complying with enough of the hallmarks of the brand. He just wasn't finding that balance, you know?! It was all very angled, blunt, shapeless, and in our humble opinion, not worthy of Dior. Please refer to our previous rants here and here.

BUT NOW. PRESENT DAY. Dior has restored it's femininity while maintaining all its guts thanks to one of the greatest creative directors working right now, Maria Grazia Chiuri! Take a look, it's soooo beautiful...

It's like balance has been restored to the universe. Everything feels a little more aligned--can you feel it?? It might have something to do with the fact that this is Dior's first female creative director, a notion that was not lost on the designer herself, as Chiuri featured a "We Should All Be Feminists" tee which ended up being the most Instagrammed piece of the show. (Not to mention the feminist references entangled in the fencing and men's tailoring pieces--swoon--WE LOVE YOU, MGC!!)


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