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what to wear: BOOBYBALL PARADISE CITY edition

What's the best way to get a Winnipegger's attention in October? Promise them tropical delights! So obvious! This year, ReThink Breast Cancer asks you to answer the call of the wild and enter the darkest depths of the chicest jungle as they present Boobyball: Paradise City!! A night of lush libations, exotic sights, and a dance floor fit to free your inner animal, Paradise City promises to unleash your primal passions--all you need to worry about is what. to. wear.

But that's where we come in! We're here (yet again!) to help you navigate the uncharted, untamed fashion forest that is Paradise City...YOU'RE WELCOME. And if you're left wanting more outfit inspiration, be sure to check out our PARADISE CITY pin board: HERE! Can't wait to see you in the jungle, Winnipeg!

Even the most powerful predator in Paradise City can't match the punch of some well-played pattern-mixing! A little leopard print here, some tiger stripes there, a sprinkling of snakeskin and you've got a look exotic enough to wow even the wildest of beasts!  

*Jungle Cat purse available at the shop ;)

Exotic exploration of the glam kind! This is pretty much the only time you'll get away with wearing stilettos on safari--SO TAKE ADVANTAGE! Whether hunting for highballs, or discovering new and exciting paths to the dance floor, the Safari Siren's killer khaki won't leave you camouflaged--you'll be ruling the rainforest!

*Khaki green romper & jewelled fringe necklace available at the shop ;)

Your vine or mine? Jungle Jane knows a little green will get you everywhere in Paradise City! Flirty foliage fabrics? For sure! Banana leaf motif? But of course! Pretty palm prints? Perfection! Parrot *insert groan* with pineapples and pom-poms in the most exotic jungle flower shades and you'll be the talk of the tropical treetops!

*Leah Alexandra black onyx earrings available at the shop ;)