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THE SCHIAP IS BACK! and it's about damn time....

Ah 2016...we knew you were going to be a great year, but this?! This is incredible. Schaiparelli (skap-ar-el-ee) has a new creative director--and he's everything we've always begged for!

You may or may not recall us demanding a new designer in our previous post, "Enough is enough, we need to vent about the designer at Schiaparelli," and it looks like the design gods have answered! All the delicious Schiaparelli touches we wished for are here: fun teapot pockets, lobster broaches, spider web lace-work,'s actually wearable fashion. Finally!


If you're wondering, who is this demi-god that has made all of our Schiap dreams come true? Well, the answer is Bertrand Guyon, this guy gets it: "Elsa Sciaparelli is an enchanting couture house. I have always been fascinated by its exceptional legacy, its luminous and intimate story, its quirky and poetic world, its ultimate chic and its endless creativity. I feel honoured to be part of Schiaparelli today and develop it further, respecting its heritage and tradition while adding a contemporary and modern take, something Elsa Schiaparelli has always demonstrated." 

Amen, Bertrand, amen.