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that Chloé dress tho

When Chloé sent it's usual parade of so-damn-beautiful-slash-effortlessly-cool apparel down the runway this spring, we thought to ourselves, Is it possible that it's even more effortless? More cool? And more beautiful then ever?? Is that a thing? CAN THAT EXIST?! The answer: Probably, yes, we don't see why not. Clare Waight Keller (current creative director at Chloé) is so awesome at her job it's crazy.

But what's really been grabbing us is all the love this particular Chloé dress has been getting. It. Is. Everywhere. It has completely enchanted all the fashion editors and it seems they've unanimously declared it the dress of twenty-fifteen. Which we have zero problems with--it is gorgeous. But what does this mean for you? Well, if you thought boho vibes were going to be short-lived, think again, they're definitely going to stick around (quite) a while longer. And if they remain as cool as Chloé, we are all in.

Here are a few more standouts from the collection, which you can view in it's entirety here (be sure to read the review, there are some interesting bits in there about the brand's founder).

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