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WANT OF THE WEEK: the Chanel clutch

If you're not already familiar with our wants of the week, it's where we feature highly unattainable items that we are dying to gets our hands on! This yearning is only lessened when we share the awesome unattainable item with you so you suffer the same pain. Cruel and unusual? Maybe. Do we feel bad? No way! They're too pretty not to share.

Our latest want: the Chanel empowerment clutch, or as we've dubbed it, the Fempowerment Clutch!

Chanel's newest and glossiest bag du jour comes in a cool $9,700 USD (according to estimates provided by Harper's Bazaar). Ten grand, Uncle Karl?! Is it made of gold?? Some sort of other-worldly super gemstone?! Nope. These fempowered beauties are a combo of resin & plexiglass, probably the most expensive resin & plexiglass you'll ever lay your hands on (or not lay your hands on because they're so damn pricey). But fear not fem fans, we're predicting a rainfall of knock-offs this spring, so a similar style with equally encouraging text may soon be in reach. JE NE SUIS PAS EN SOLDE!