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TREND REPORT: spring's easy breezy palette

Squirrels gather nuts to prepare for winter--Canadians gather courage, happy thoughts, and plenty of denial. While we're always confident our stockpile is hearty enough to withstand the season, it's around this time of year that we inevitably run out and our frozen home is no longer "a sparkling winter wonderland" but rather a frozen pile of annoyingness with no chance of escape. Yes, things get pretty dark, very fast. We begin to desperately grab at any sign that spring exists and that it will, in fact, actually happen. 

Well here it is, like that tiny, little bud on a snow covered branch, our first glimpse of spring: A SPRING TREND REPORT! Full of happy colours with special powers to help you remember the realness of spring! This editorial from Elle Serbia features 12 of the 16 colours slated to rule spring 2015 (you can see the full 16 here), which genuinely impresses us because Sofie Theobald only wears white and camel the entire shoot. Right? Impressive. It's also worth noting that you probably won't have to spend a dime to be "in" with this year's colour trends, plenty of neutrals like greys, camels, and denim make it easy to slide right in to spring 2015... 

Note: Click on the palette if you're art nerds like we are and want to know the colour names ;)

Elle Serbia // March 2015 // Photographer Ceen Wahren // Model Sofie Theobald // Stylist Gorjan Lauseger // Hair Joe Yves // Makeup Pari Damani