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margot vs maude: OSCAR EDITION!

IT'S HERE! The MARGOT VS MAUDE Oscar post is here! One blogger handicapped by sickness and the other consumed with celebrating the birth of her bff's first baby (congrats!), but we would never/could never miss out on the chance to weigh in on the good, the bad, and the what the hell is Paula Patton wearing? Sorry not sorry, Paula, the white jellyfish is going to haunt you for-ev-uhr.

Okay, let's get to it, the Oscars! Everyone's favourite excuse to drink white wine spritzers on a Sunday! This year was considerably less zany than last year, no rambley McConaughey hero speeches, no falling celebs, and John Travolta even redeemed his Idina Menzel slip-up! That is until we saw the creep kiss he laid on ScarJo's cheek and then we were all, Ugh, get it together, Revolta. But that minor offence aside, everyone was on their best behaviour--dammit.

Some fun moments included Jack Black joining in on the introductory song & dance number, Meryl loosing her mind and fist pumping as Patricia Arquette demanded gender equality, and the Dolby theatre being flooded with Lego Oscars during The Lego Movie's screw-you-Academy-we-should-have-been-nominated-for-best-animated-film performance which included a dancing possum, Batman and Questlove so we don't even need to tell you how awesome that was. (Super awesome.) 

As for the fashion, it was...okay. It was so difficult to pick a top ten this year but there were also fewer train wrecks. We can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing because the end result was just a lot more "meh" which is frustrating because if ever there was a time for glitz and glam it's the Oscars! We found ourselves getting more excited by David Oyelowo's burgundy tux and red waistcoat than we were about most of the gowns! Speaking of red, it was still going strong (a la the Globes) but icy greyish blue joined the game and won! (See it on Jared Leto, Chrissy Teigen, and Octavia Spencer.) Glam ponytails and loose Veronica Lake style waves were hair favourites, while the stand-out polish trends were black, white, and pale peach! 

Now on with the judging!

Honourable best dressed mentions go to Oprah for this excellent colour and gown choice! Patricia Arquette for being awesome and looking the part, Octavia Spencer for this dress that is PERFECT for her body--hits her in all the right spots! Jamie Chung in this gorgeous sparkler that reminded us of this Valentino gown that we wanted someone (anyone!) to wear. Reese, we didn't love love the dress (maybe because it was Tom Ford?) but you looked fantastic in it. And to Anna Kendrick, our Most Improved on the Red Carpet award! You typically disappoint us big time (ie. last year's Oscars and whatever this is) but this year you didn't. Yay!

And now for everyone's favourite part--the worst dressed of the night! You'll notice we were compelled to make it a top SIX worst dressed this year...

Some pointers for our worst dressed contenders: Solange you should have channeled Diane Kruger's Vanity Fair after party look--now there's a red pantsuit done right! Lupita, why didn't you wear your after party dress on the red carpet?? Why? Chloe Grace Morentz, you narrowly escaped being on the list as you got bumped by Lorelei Linklater last minute but you should still be on there! Your dress looks like it might float up over your head and swallow you whole. And take your damn hands out of your pockets! 

Honourable mentions: Zoe Saldana, those spaghetti straps. Ugh. (But congrats on the twins, your new curvier body is amazing! Please keep it if possible, thanks.) America Ferrera, if your earrings are a half shade off from your dress it just looks like you tried to match and failed, literally any other colour would work better. Viola Davis, take off that necklace right now and while you're at it, about half of your makeup. And stop wearing Zac Posen, you're better than this, we have proof.

If you were too distracted watching Glom Gazingo (John Travolta) fondle Idina Menzel's face during the broadcast than you might have missed the chain choker under John's collar. It was horrendous. (Kelsey would also like to point out that John's wife Kelly Preston's best accessory of the night was all the valium she took earlier that day--gazingo!) On the topic of bad necklaces, Behati Prinsloo's was an awful choice, which only added to the rough night she was having after Graeme (April's bf) kindly pointed out that despite her gorgeous supermodel looks, she strangely looks an awful lot like the small headed goomba from Super Mario Bros. Ha! Please note that nothing we say can destroy her, she's insanely beautiful and married to Adam Levine.

And that concludes our snarky bitch commentary for the Oscars! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!