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to blonde or not to blonde

Every so often April likes to convince herself that she's going to break her 14-year habit of dying her hair platinum blonde. Maybe I'll go red...or grow out my roots and do a champagne ombré?! These grand dreams usually consist of about three weeks of contemplation followed by an eventual rebuttal by Kelsey, usually in the form of an LV ad starring Michelle Williams, or in this month's case, this dreamy, retro-vibing editorial from Vein #5...

...Kelsey wins again.

Vein #5 // Autumn 2015 // Model: Juliette Fazekas // Photographer: Iciar J Carrasco // Stylist: Carlota Winder // Hair + Makeup: Elena Montañés

The full editorial is actually over 40 pages long (Yes! 40!), so click here if you're interested in the full story. Also, how much does this model look like April's Auntie Janet when she was a teen?! (Pictured below on the left.) The most!

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