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How do you organize a party in space? You planet! (Ha! We're not even going to apologize...we had to.) Get ready for the event of the universe, Winnipeg! Saturday, November 7th marks Rethink Breast Cancer's second annual Boobyball here in the Peg, an out-of-this-world affair that not only takes us across the galaxy but also raises money for breast cancer awareness--awesome! You can read all about their greatness here, purchase tickets here and get more details on the event here

Part of the magic of Boobyball is that attendees are asked to dress according to themeThis year they're taking us through the cosmos to Planet Booby, and we've been asked to show you just how chic things can get on the other side of the galaxy! For further interstellar inspo, check out our Planet Booby Pinterest board with 200+ pins and counting--yes! So helpful! You're welcome!

See you there, fellow Boobonians...

The Sixties was an era obsessed with space, the future, and all things Apollo, which is why a cyber-chic mod look à la Pierre Cardin sets you on course for a smooth landing on Planet Booby! Start off with some Twiggy inspired eyeliner, a blast of white and gold, and a star dusting of sixties silhouettes and you'll be ready for take off! Constellation Ear Cuff // Mod White Body-Con Dress // Black-Hole-Black Eyeliner // Space Cadet Clutch // Gravity-Defying Gold Boots // Cos-mo-to Jacket // Astro Transponder Cuff // Sixties "Bubble" Helmet (the best option would have a little face hole like this one).

The star child is for Boobonians who want all the glitz and glam of Planet Booby without going over the moon--just a few astrological touches and you're sure to be the brightest star on the inter-dimensional dance floor! Galactic Glitter Eyeshadow // Mars-attack Mac Lipsticks // Neptune Navy Jumper with Star Commander Broach // Star Studded Loafers // Moon & Star Earring Set // Lovely Lunar Clutch // Dazzling Dancing Shoes // Star Cluster Clutch

Talk about space invaders of the glam kind! When it comes to entering orbit, metallic everything paired with an alluring alien-esque eyeshadow will guarantee you're on the right trajectory! Intergalactic Iridescent Nail Polish // Satellite Silver Top // Otherworldly Antennae (we made the pair pictured here with a headband & some styrofoam balls) // Milky Way Wristlet // Supernova Silver Skirt // Geometric Ear Jackets // Celestial See-Through Jacket.