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the surrealist designers

Earlier this week we shared costume inspiration for this year's Art & Soul: The Lucid Dream to get party-goers into a surrealist frame of mind! Today we're taking it a few steps further and delving into some of the best surrealist fashion to grace the scene since it's inception in the 1930's.

It all began with ELSA SCHIAPARELLI, the mother of surrealist fashion (and Coco Chanel's fiercest rival). Elsa's career began in 1927 with a trompe l'oeil sweater and bloomed into collaborations with fellow surrealist artists such as Salvador Dali and Alberto Giacometti. Before Elsa there was much less magic and zero trace of humour in fashion, and once you become familiar with her creations, you'll start to notice Elsa's influence everywhere you look. 

JEAN CHARLES DE CASTELBAJAC-- Ah, JC/DC, where do we begin? You've covered all the surrealist bases: faces or animals on or incorporated into garments; playing with proportions and manipulating fashion elements; and straight up just putting surrealist artwork on your garments. The best part? He eases them in so effortlessly they enhance the collection rather than overwhelm it. And for this we salute you. Amen, JC.

VIKTOR & ROLF--This dynamic pair (that look like twins or brothers but actually met in fashion school) has a penchant for creating avant grade collections, bringing an exciting surrealist "Am I Wonderland?" kind vibe to the runway. Sculptural, architectural, and fantastical we're perpetually in awe of their fairy tale inspired collections.

COMMES DES GARCONS--Designer Rei Kawakubo has always been an outside-the-box kind of woman and thank god for that, because she's credited with bringing black back to fashion. That's right, those chic all black outfits of yours can all be traced back to Rei's 1982 collection that marched a legion of models in black, ragged uniforms down the runway. In the sea of glitz, glamour, and power brights that was the eighties, this. was. bananas. The surrealism in her work focuses on oversized & dramatic proportions, and though you may never see either of us sporting any CDG that does not mean we aren't completely and utterly in love with Rei. SHE IS A GENIUS. Her shops are badass as well. 

HUSSEIN CHALAYAN-- A master of innovation in fashion, Hussein's works are typically architectural, technical, and anything but ordinary. His use of lasers, lights, morphing garments and space age materials take you on a dreamy ride that is anything but deja vu. (Do yourself a favour and watch more morphing garments here! They are fantastic.)

OTHER DESIGNERS THAT HAD SURREAL MOMENTS-- Although this collection does not include every designer that has been influenced by this inspiring 1930's movement, it does include some of our favourite surreal fashion moments from top designers--including some that you maybe didn't expect to take a trip through the dreamscape!