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margot vs maude: golden globes edition part deux

Welcome to MARGOT VS MAUDE: GOLDEN GLOBES TWENTY-FIFTEEEEN!!!! First off, we would like to offer a kudos to the attendees of this year's Golden Globes, as there were far fewer complete and utter disasters this year (yay!), and many previous offenders had stepped up their game (amazing!). That being said, there were still a lot people in the "meh" category ie. Jennifer Aniston (who we love, but…meh), Emily Blunt (looked great, but overdosing on Grecian everything left us like, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh--meh), and Reese Witherspoon (didn't excite us, didn't offend us, so…meh). And of course there were the stunners and the face-palms which our bloggers, April and Kelsey, love to judge relentlessly (even though they would surely crumble under the same kind of pressure). Ha! But at least we'd be well styled!

The uncharacteristic rain this year (it literally hasn't rained in LA since last year's Oscars!), left many stars with deflated curls and shiny faces, so we immediately gave everyone a free pass for any misstep's that could be rain related (ie. Julianne Moore's hair, which is normally at a constant Pantene commercial status but looked as though it had given up on life at the awards). We also gave a free pass to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who dropped the ball in the dress department (Tina! Can we be friends so we can stop this nonsense?!) but who once again crushed it as hosts! (Zero people are surprised--they are the best.) 

As for the men of Hollywood, a lot of you are still looking pretty damn orange. We were't going to name names, but it's for your own good Tanning Tatum and Will "You-get-my-back-for-me" Arnett! That being said many of you opted for more exciting suits! Awesome. We are so happy about this! Velvet on Eddie Redmayne and Noah Hawley, Jared Leto in a cream and black suit with a braid, and Common, William H. Macy, and Adrian Brody all going monochrome! Yes! 

Our best dressed at the Globes were dominated by metallics and…red-heads! Ha! Team ginger really made an impact on us this year. We also had eerily similar choices, where in the past April tends to choose more colourful looks and classic cuts, while Kelso leans towards black & white with a little edge, we both seemed to go for classics with oomph this year! And we think you'll be quite pleased with Kelso's number one pick…!

Honourable mentions go to Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Bill Murray's gold plaid bow tie, Calista & Harrison, Anna Faris & Chirs Pratt, Jamie Dornan's beard, and Amy Poehler's sweet after party look! The cast of Orange is the New Black inspired us to create a MOST IMPROVED ON THE RED CARPET AWARD due to a collectively amped up game this year. While they're still not making the best dressed cut, we're glad to see they're making better choices (Uzo Aduba and Danielle Brooks looked particularly stunning!)

And now…for the worst dressed...

Honourable mentions go to Katie Holmes for the blandest 2003 prom dress and those awful lifeless hair extensions, Kate Mara's belt (most offensive accessory of the night), Giuliana Rancic, Katie Cassidy, Amanda Peet (although we like your hair and makeup), and Maria Menounos' terrible hair and lipstick choice!

Do you agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts with us! We love a good fashion debate!