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kudos pam, for keeping it natch (for once)

When we stumbled upon Pam Anderson's latest cover (NO TOFU, Fall 2014), we noticed three things:

One: Pam looks pretty damn fantastic and not-so-coincidentally the least trashy she's ever looked (she is quite literally dressed as a nine year old in the 1950's) in what we're deeming one of this century's GREATEST MAKE-UNDERS! 

Two: Pam and Kristin Chenoweth could be cast as sisters because OVMG twins!

And three: She has a really cute bulby and mildly crooked nose. Can it be? Pam Anderson, one of the most notorious plastic surgery filled babes of our lifetime, never got a nose job?! Or at least not a total nose-altering one. Awesome.

So here's kudos to Pam, for keeping it a little bulby, a little to to the left, and a little more natch.

Pamela Anderson for NO TOFU, Fall 2014 by Zoey Grossman.