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#tbt to the twelfth degree!

In keeping with Tuesday's seventies trend here's a little treat for you to listen to while you slip on that sheering coat over your paisley jumper dress! If you really want to get your seventies groove on, might we recommend, nay, strongly insist, you get the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack?! (Twelve tasty tracks chock-full of the best kind of groove, because we all know it takes you way longer than one song to get ready). Our little Kelsey-face over here at M+M has watched this film three times. On the big screen. At the VIP theatre. And has listened to this soundtrack about 7,067 times over. Now that's love. So come and get it.

Also, fun fact slash whaaaaaatt?! AWESOME. We researched and had to share: Redbone was one of the first all-Native American rock bands ever and the first to hit number one on the charts! Taking their name from the Cajun epithet for "half-breed," legend states that it was Jimi Hendrix who talked the musicians into forming an all-Native American rock group. Hendrix (himself part Cherokee) has also said that Lolly Vegas (the only guy sitting first row in the image below) was his favourite guitar player and biggest influence in music! Wowzas.

Watch their live performance of "Come and Get Your Love" by clicking below. It. is. so. great. 

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