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september issues

Ummm, we didn't want to bring it up, but we have an issue...with it being September already! Goddammit, what gives, summer? You came and went way too fast and that is most definitely not okay. Our only solace is that with September comes a whole other storm of September issues--the magazine kind.

The September Issue is the biggest, most important issue of a magazine's year. Why? Because September is a reset button for our lives and our wardrobes. It is the January of fashion. When we shed our leaves we need something new to cover up with, no? The fall collections are always the most anticipated--they are the biggest both in terms of physical volume (think coats, scarves, & trousers vs tanks, mini skirts, & shorts) and in sales (more fabric and more layers mean more money)--which makes fall the perfect time for magazines to cram as many advertisers as possible in their magazine (picture happy faces with dollar signs for eyes) because we gotta sell all these clothes! Each year the glossies try to one-up themselves (and each other) for the greatest number of pages. Designers, advertisers and editors pull out all the stops, unleashing the glitziest campaigns, the biggest names and the most dazzling spreads, which, if we're doing the math, always makes for the biggest. issue. ever! 

A sampling of this years September covers:

But don't let the dollar signs get you down. It's not just about big business, it's also a source of inspiration for fashionistas and artists alike! Often referred to as the fashion bible, even non-fashionistas will find their wardrobes guided by the September issue since it sets the benchmark for all trends and nearly every piece of fashion in every tier of the fashion industry. Yes, Anna Wintour really does decide what colour of t-shirt you will be wearing. 

And in case you haven't watched it yet (what?! Even Kelso's dad has seen it!) you absolutely must watch the September Issue. Not only does it illustrate how much artistry and craft goes into each issue, but it will inject even the greatest fashion skeptic with a big ol' dose of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for one of the most influential industries in the world! That, and you will fall in love with Grace Coddington. You've been warned.