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like clockwork, here come the seventies!

Without fail, whenever the sixties make a return in fashion, the seventies are close behind! It's science. And quite frankly, chronological. The early seventies still carry hints of sixties mod, but everything gets a little less space-age and a little more natural. You'll notice more flow and drape in the clothing, natural hair and makeup, wide leg pants, and earthier patterns like paisleys, florals and animal prints start to creep onto the scene.

This editorial is A PERFECT ILLUSTRATION OF FALL'S SIXTIES/SEVENTIES TREND. Not only does it give that late-sixties-turning-into-seventies vibe that we love, but it also highlights this season's trend of using "un-fall-like" colours. Pastels, and brighter hues were rampant for fall 2014 and we think we know why--Insider scoop: When the economy is looking "brighter," fashion is literally brighter. When it crashed in 2008, we were both working in a boutique struggling to merchandise the new arrivals because everything (ev-er-y-thing) was black and grey. When things get dark, fashion gets dark. So here's to brighter, bolder, printy-er & prettier! 

Marie Claire UK // September 2014 // Photographer: James Macari // Model: Gertrude Hansen // Stylist: Tiffany Fraser Steele // Makeup: Christine Cherbonnier // Hair: Andre Gunn