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winnipeg is cool & soon you can be too

It's here! The Peg Authentic Brand is here!

We first learned about this project when it was just a brain baby but now it's real and we can blab about it. (Feels so good to say it out loud.) The first shipment of Winnipeg entrepreneur, Stephen Dubienski's, The Peg Authentic Brand will soon be available for purchase online. Yes! We couldn't wait to get our hands on these because A. We have awesome friends that do awesome things; B. Graphic sweatshirts are so hot right now; C. These are quality goods (tried & tested by affiliate, Van City Originals); and D. We love our city! And now the whole goddam world is going to know it...

Yah! So soft! So great! We put Kelso in a saucy little "I look like I'm from NYC but I'm actually from YWG" look and April is wearing a "Oh me? I'm running errands before heading to VB/GB/LOTW" look.

Right now the brand is offering tanks, tees, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies and hats! Stalk them on InstagramTwitter, or on Facebook (go ahead, click on the links and follow all three) to keep up on the keep up and watch for the official launch of the online store. Stay tuned!