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style crush: ashley park

Style crush is dedicated to all the real girls (or boys) out there that don't get their photos taken daily by the paparazzi but deserve some serious love + cred for their A-one street style! Our first entry stars our friend and former schoolmate, Ashley, because, well, girl's got steez. Minimal while still making a statement, she manages to encompass the entire fashion gamut from hip hop to feminine florals under one chic (Vancouver) umbrella. The result? Effortless cool.




VANCOUVER aka SOMETIMES the greatest place on earth.



M+M: What are you listening to right now?

AP: Right now I'm listening to Schoolboy Q and Disclosure. I’m also in the mood lately for some old school Nelly. I’m in a weird, yet cool place.

M+M: I feel like you're always in a weird yet cool place…ha!

How would you describe your personal style?

AP: My personal style is honestly comfort. I dress for comfort. If I'm not comfortable in what I'm wearing it's honestly just like a “what is life?” situation. I have a loud personality so I like to dress loudly too. Whether its with graphic tees, certain accessories, textures, a pop of know? I just always stay true to myself cuz otherwise, my conscious would float out of my body and point at my ridiculous self and just laugh hysterically.

M+M: What is the best thing in your closet?

AP: My ABSOLUTE favourite thing in my closet right now is a pair of Comme des Garcons navy culottes with white polka dots. If I had someone to marry, I'd marry them right now in these culottes. They’re so fun and easy. I feel somewhat Parisian when I'm wearing them...but nope, I’m still Korean.

M+M: Agh, we love your C des G culottes! Man, oh man. So what/who influences your style?

AP: I am inspired by EVERYTHING! Music, my friends, photographs, film, colours, hemlines, textures, the toilet…literally everything and anything. But TBH (HA!), if I fall in love with a, let’s say, a certain Céline Berlingot clutch in green, I am inspired by that clutch. I envision the colors, textures, and patterns I could wear with it…and then I obsess myself to sleep…and then wake up realizing that no, I still do not own that perfect Céline Berlingot clutch.

M+M: All this designer talk, we have to ask--who is your favourite designer?

AP: My favourite designer at the moment is JW Anderson.

M+M: Why him and not Tom Ford??? (Ha! Jk, we're not Forders over here, he's pretty much our Draco Malfoy)

AP: I love Anderson's silhouettes and his play on proportions. He’s just so unconventional, yet conventional in terms of feminine beauty. His talent for blurring gender lines is simply unremarkably remarkable.

M+M: If you could switch places with anyone for one week, who would it be? (And you can't say us, I know you want to say us, but you can't, those are the RULES)

AP: I think I would choose Anna Wintour. I know, typical answer, but honestly! To have such a brilliant mind as hers…I wonder what her brain consists of…what is going through her head every minute of every day? How do her ideas come about? It's really fascinating that a single woman can rule the fashion kingdom and control the direction of universal fashion. I'm mind blown. right. now. literally.

M+M: If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

AP: I would have to choose Paul Rudd. Except it wouldn't be dinner. It would be a jam session in Jason Segel’s man cave just like in “I Love You, Man”. I feel like we would just hit it off. We would just be weird together and I feel like my life would be complete.

M+M: Okay, last question! If you were going to Europe and could only pack 5 things in your ultra chic LV bag, what would they be??

AP: OH MAN. Here's the tough question! I'm a MAJOR over-packer. Like I'm talkin' bring-a-large-travel-luggage-with-me-to-a-one-night-sleepover kind of over-packer. I love having options. But if I really had to choose they would be:

1) Dior Addict Lip Glow. I DON'T LEAVE MY HOUSE WITHOUT THIS. In the rare occurrence that I do, I am actually sad. All day.

2) Givenchy Waterproof Phenomen’Eyes Mascara. I'm serious. Get on this. It's just too good to be true. My lashes thank me each and every day.

3) Headphones. I always need to be listening to something.

4) A good book. I just finished “The Fault in Our Stars”. Man, did I cry like a baby. I actually had to excuse myself from eating lunch (with myself) in public to go to the back stockroom at my work, to sob like a broken little girl.  

5) A notebook and my muji pen. I like writing my ideas, random thoughts, quotes, and to-do’s in a blank un-lined notebook.

Thanks for participating, Ash! You do you, babe, you do you.

And if anyone is interested in revisiting that time April forced Ashley to model for her styling project, you can click here.

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