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enough is enough, we need to vent about the designer at schiaparelli

When they revived the house of Schiaparelli last summer we were overjoyed! The woman was a genius! Her name must live on! We couldn't wait to see all the trompe l'oeil treats that would surely grace the runway. Lips as pockets?! Elephants as buttons?! Lobster purses?! This is going to be amazing!

The honour of designing the first collection for the house went to Christian Lacroix and we were more than eager to see the premiere collection until…[face palm] NOOOOOO! It. was. awful. Outlandish and frankly, unwearable. Like, what are all the Who's down in Whoville wearing if all their clothes are here?? No trompe l'oeil treats to be seen, the collection consisted of odd proportions and distractingly bright patterns, puffs and colours, with no reference to Elsa other than the name on the label, some dashes of shocking pink and some crazy hats.

We kept our lips sealed because the torch was passed to Marco Zanini who--Dammit! This is just as awful! So we waited until his second collection because, Maybe he's just finding his footing? But this season's collection (his second for the house) actually made us feel like we were watching a really awkward moment on the Bachelorette where like the guy is professing his love in some terrible poem or something but Elsa's not really into it and you can't even really watch cos it's so bad and you just want to make him stop cos why is he doing this? Uggghhhhhh…no, no, no.


Does anyone else feel like they went to Oz and back?? This is not what we pictured when we heard of the revival. We love Elsa Schiaparelli! We want proper representation, dammit! We demand a hostile takeover starring Jean-Charles de Castelbajac with accessories by Charlotte Olympia! It would be the collaboration to end all collaborations!! Please refer to irrefutable evidence below...

Right? Right. You can totally picture it...and it's glorious.

Not sure what we're talking about? Please refer to our previous posts No One Elsa and Some Like It Trompe L'Oeil and you'll be all, Oh yah…they're totally right.