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karl + anna = best friends forever and ever and ever...

. . . and ever and ever and ever and ever. Our favourite thing about these longtime bff's is that despite their individual efforts to appear stone-faced, and therefore intimidating, in press photos, when the pair gets together they giggle, laugh, and whisper about whatever scandalous info they just overheard in the washroom--just like the rest of us. So here's to Karl & Anna, love 'em or hate 'em, they're the two best friends that ever could be. (Listen to this [in a separate tab, we couldn't purchase it in iTunes! Wtf?] as you scroll to further enhance your Karl & Anna experience . . . !)

Karl holding an "Anna" button. Research indicates there is no apparent motive for this, just the simple gesture of loving Anna so much she had to be fashioned into a button.

Their "You can't sit with us" faces.

A friendship so great they've been turned into masks...

...street art...

...and Simpsons characters.