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ryan gosling probably doesn't like your shoes

Lately you may have found yourself asking, Why is everyone wearing trainers with nice outfits? Didn't Ryan Gosling specifically tell me that unless I was Steve Jobs I shouldn't be wearing these? Ever?! Let alone, with dresses and blazers at the world's biggest fashion weeks? What. Am. I. Missing??

The answer is Karl Lagerfeld. Grandmaster Karl is what you're missing. And wouldn't we all do well to have a little more Karl in our lives? He took the sports trend that was on the rise the past few seasons and kicked it up about eight notches when he sent models down the runway for his Chanel SS14 couture show in the most elaborate trainers ever constructed. It made such a statement that we actually called each other immediately and were like, Did you see?? Yah, I saw. Only, Karl! And then we took a moment to process before ultimately deciding, WE'RE IN!

Although the Chanel trainers from the runway are only available when you purchase the entire couture look (reports estimate they would cost approximately $4000 for a pair) the best part of the show was the message: fashion, even the highest fashion, can be comfortable! It's like we could actually hear the women who walk to work in NYC breathe a collective sigh of relief. 

Now, does this mean we can expect to see trainers on the red carpet? Oh god no, we certainly hope not. With a dress? We're torn. But for a chic jaunt around the city? Why not?! Here's a compilation of running shoe street style to inspire your trainers to step up their game!