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9 things you need to know about tonight's Met Gala!

With this year's Met Gala mere hours away, we're fairly certain Anna Wintour hasn't slept in days--hang in there, Anna! Don't forget to delegate to your minions! Here's a list of the what's-what regarding the gala so you can be in the know about fashion's premier red carpet event.

#1. The Met Gala always has a theme and attendees dress within that theme! Past themes have been Punk: Chaos to Couture (2013), Anglomania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion (2006), Jacqueline Kennedy: the White House Years (2001), and The World of Balenciaga (1974). Speaking of BALL-enciaga...

anna win tour new york magazine

#2.  The Met Gala can also be called the Met Ball, the Costume Institute Gala, or the Costume Institute Ball, they're all fair game! But in most articles written by Vogue Magazine it is referred to as the Met Gala--this matters because...

#3.  Vogue hosts the annual event, with it's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, at the helm! Ms Wintour has been working with the Met since 1995 when she began co-chairing the Met Gala. In the last 14 years she has helped raise $125 million for the Costume Institute! And this year's gala is going to be extra, super special for Anna because...

Anna and Oscar de la Renta cutting a rug in 1995, the same year she started co-chairing the Met Gala.

Anna and Oscar de la Renta cutting a rug in 1995, the same year she started co-chairing the Met Gala.

#4.  It was announced in January that the Met's newly renovated fashion wing will be called the Anna Wintour Costume Center! That is a very big deal and is a direct result of her being great and raising tons and tons of money for the institute. This year's gala will celebrate the official opening of her wing and the theme for it's inaugural event is...

#5.  Charles James: Beyond Fashion. Who is Charles James you ask? Well he is America's first couturier. He was a go-to for the red carpet in the 1940's and 1950's and is known for his 18 pound, architectural ball gowns. Yah. That's equivalent to wearing a car tire on your bod while dancing all night long…aye carumba. He is also known for...

Charles James was known for his sexy silhouettes, massively architectural gowns, and his elite party loving nature.

#6.  Being a total perfectionist. It is rumoured that he once took 2 years and $20,000 just to finish a sleeve. Whaaaa? He's also known for being rather crotchety and difficult. One of his colleagues and good pals, Cecil Beaton, once said, "Such a pity [James] is so difficult, because I would like to like him and feel he is a genius manqué." Speaking of crotchety and difficult...

#7.  The men have quite the dress code--white tie. Two seemingly un-scary words that are actually quite intimidating. White tie equals a black tailcoat, matching trousers, a white wing-collared shirt, a white vest, white bow tie, white or grey gloves, black patent shoes and black dress socks. Top hats, medals, and "decorations" are optional, but encouraged. This get-up will set you back $5000 to $10,000, but that's nothing compared to...

The men of Downton Abbey show you whats-what when it comes to white tie.

#8.  The ticket price! This years gala went up 10 G's from last year's price, making it a whooping $25,000 a pop. Wowzas! Who's runnin' this shizz?? Well funny you should ask, this year's co-chair's include...

#9.  Sarah Jessica Parker, Oscar de la Renta, Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch, Aerin Lauder and…duhn-duhn-duh-DUH...Bradley Cooper! Yah. Coops is in on it! Who knew he was into museums and fashion and stuff?! Respect.

b coops.gif

So what can we expect to see tonight? Big ball gowns, big spenders, big name celebs, Kanye's big ego, and a tiny Anna Wintour on top of her game! Although we must admit we're not overly excited about the theme, we're very much looking forward to the designers & invitees interpretations of Charles James' legendary luxe looks!