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margot vs maude: oscar edition

Holy crow, what a bonkers Oscar ceremony! From falling round two, to Anne Hathaway's Xanax driven Oscar presentation, to John Travolta's complete disregard for the English language (insert entire Oscar 2014 audience face palming here), to McConaughey's bizarre "My hero is me in the future, but I'm never in the future so I'm never my hero" speech--the Oscars were wild. That being said, it also had it's famous cocktail of tear-jerker emo speeches, incredibly boring sections where you just kind of nod off only to realize that, no, you did not miss anything, mixed with an adequate dose of celeb jabs (courtesy of our girl, Ellen), and a handful of great performances (Pharrell shimmying with Meryl at 58 seconds in, I die).

The biggest awards show of the season not only marked the return of Pharrell's infamous "Smokey the Bear" hat, it also marks the return of MARGOT VS MAUDE!!! Where our blog team, April and Kelsey, square off to pick their top 5 best and worst dressed of the 86th Academy Awards! (Click here for round one!)

Before we begin, we'd like to preface our picks by saying, WOW, awards season has been tough. Besides a few standouts (notably Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong'o) it feels like a "meh" has fallen over the crowd. That being said, there were obviously some stunners. It is, after all, the Oscars. After making our picks for best dressed we noticed that black and white were yet again the hot duo. It's typical of Kelsey to favour a black and white colour scheme, but not April, which begs the question: Where was all the colour, people?? Huh?! Where was it?! With all the spring collections featuring fashion imitating art, we hoped there'd be a little more POP! a little more POW! a little more ZSA ZSA ZSU!

gg best dressed text.png

Honourable mentions go to: Maria Menounos (p.s. it's backless!) and Olga Kurylenko (p.s. it's also backless and it's eco-friendly!), and, even though Kelsey will hate that this is being included: Bette Midler! The woman is nearly seventy and she's killing it in this dress!--click on the teal for links!

As for our worst of the night? Well, J.Law once again landed on our worst dressed list. Gasp! Yah, yah, we know, she was on a lot of best dressed lists, but the thing is, she pulled the same schtick as last year (click here for proof), she didn't dress her age, she wore a freakin' strapless (despite our warning!), she continues to treat the red billboard, er, it's some kind of Dior advertisement, and at the end of the day the whole look was really just…okay. Although she does get props for being one of the very few who actually wore colour. Sorry J.Law, we love you, we do, but someone needs to give you some tough love! (Or Lupita Nyong'o's stylist...) 

gg worst dressed text.png

The men were still fairly orange, but it wasn't nearly as glaring as it was during the the Globes broadcast, so we'll give them a pass. Instead we'll say kudos to the navy blue suits of Spacey and Sedakis. Loved them! And Jared Leto's beautifully ombré'd locks! So jeal. P.s. he's forty-two