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the canadian tuxedo

For a while there, double denim was a huge fashion no-no. Maybe it's because as Canadians we anticipate the sarcastic, "Nice, tuxedo, eh?" Or maybe it was because we had been scarred--it took longer than any of us could have imagined to recover from that life altering incident at the 2001 American Music Awards...

Ahhh make it stop, it burns! I still hear the "Reeee-reee-reee" that accompanies a kitchen knife in a horror film every time I see this photo of Justin and Britney.

The fact of the matter is, double denim was cool and is cool again. In the 1950's, aka the heyday of denim, the most influential people were sporting it head to toe with style and ease. How amazing are Elvis and Steve McQueen in these double denim get-ups?? And it was mega-star Bing Crosby who commissioned Levi's to create the Canadian tuxedo when Bing wasn't allowed into an elite Canadian hotel because his favourite look of jeans and a jean jacket just wasn't classy enough. That's right, the Canadian tuxedo isn't because we're a bunch of hosers who think denim is a good substitute for a suit, it's because Bing Crosby couldn't get into one of our swanky hotels! (And all of Canada breathes a sigh of relief.)

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The trick to nailing this look? Keep it simple. Keep it classic. There are really only a handful classic denim pieces: jeans, jean jackets, and denim button downs. (We will also consider jean skirts and maybe a denim blazer if it is kept within a minimal, classic structure.) It's when we start venturing out into denim trench coats or top hats that we risk repeating the J-Brit catastrophe of '01--please, no! No! We'll do anything! Don't take us back there!

So to prevent another decade long drought of double denim, here's some bangin' double denim inspiration to get you ready embrace the blues this spring!