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look ma, we're on tv!

We spent the morning with Courtney Ketchen and the crew at Breakfast Television here in Winnipeg! Woooo! So much fun! Considering our 4am wake-up mixed with a restless sleep (equal parts I'm too excited to sleep! and, Ohmagaaad, did we pack those shoes?!? Yes…yes, we packed the shoes. What about the necklace?! No…yes, we totally packed the necklace), we thought we fared pretty well. How do you do it, Court?? How do you to it every day?! (Seriously…just inbox us your secret, we won't tell…)

The segment flew by. At the end of it we were all, Wait, it's over? What did I say? Did I just stare blankly at the camera? Did I do something weird with my hands? I hope I didn't do something weird with my hands. I totally did something weird with my hands, didn't I? Oh, man.

We thought it might be helpful to re-cap the FOUR SPRING TRENDS we chose for the Juno red carpet juuuust in case we missed any important tidbits, but mostly because we have so many great examples of each trend! Here goes...


This trend encompasses a variety of ethnic inspired prints from all corners of the globe. It's artistic, it's colourful, it's fun, and it's a great choice for the red carpet. Why? The intricacies of the colours and design dazzle audiences and leave them swooning!

Pair with some equally as bold jewelry, some badass heels, and maybe a fringe clutch. Boom. Statement. Made.




There are so many reasons this look is perfect for the red carpet: it looks great on all skin tones, it can be as dressed-down or as dressed-up as you like, and it spans generations. I'm talking everyone, whether you're 75 years old or 3 years old, you can look amazing in all white. 

Pair with white, white, more white, and maybe some gold to be effortlessly chic for all eternity.

(More on monochrome & white here and here!)



For us, this trend is an obvious red carpet choice. I mean, what screams GLAMOUR louder than slinky, sparkly, shiny, shimmery, glimmery, glitzy, glisteny, glittery metallic?! Huh? That's what we thought. Pretty much nothing. 

Pair it with neutrals in chiffon, leather or even denim, OR go for the glory and go head-to-toe bling! 






Hello, trending! Not only can this be an extremely elegant look for the red carpet, but it's also a no-brainer! You don't have to match tops and bottoms--they're already sewn together! Amazing! Not only that, but lately we've noticed jumpsuits have been a shoo-in for critics best dressed on the red carpet! Why can't everything on life be this easy?

Pair with minimal jewelry and great hair for an infallible red carpet look! (Just like Margot Robbie, Lupita Nyong'oGisele Bundchen did).


And if you missed our BT segment, or PVR'd the wrong channel, fear not! Just click here for part one and part two! We'd also like to thank all the local businesses for their cooperation, contributions and general sweetness: Out of the Blue, Moulé, Rooster Shoes, Soul Shoes, Sarah Gurevich Beauty Services, and Sarah Cameron Jewelry! Thank you, thank you!