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spots vs spots

You asked, we're answering! 

WHAT'S IN A SPOT? Have I been calling cheetah print leopard print? Or jaguar print? Can I just refer to all cat prints as leopard print? Does anyone really care? Hey, are those brownies? I'm taking a brownie...

Here's the thing, mis-labelling a print is like misspelling a co-worker's name on a birthday card (Oh, there's an "H" in Meaghenne? My bad). It's not a huge deal, they're likely not going to call you out, but it would've been nice to get it right. So here's our super handy guide to the cat prints you're most likely to run into on the streets! 

Leopard spots tend to look like little black horseshoes, or a ring of black dots that have been melted together. I like to think of them as little black doughnuts with a golden jelly centre. Because there's nothing more appetizing than furry, black doughnuts...

Jaguar spots are almost like "fancy" leopard spots. They have a larger, more open ring of black dots and the golden centre contains a few smaller black dots. If we're sticking to our doughnut analogy this is a bigger doughnut and it has sprinkles.

We've been seeing a lot of cheetah listed as leopard lately and we're like what the whaa? Cheetah is the easiest spot to spot--it's just black spots. Beautiful, little, solid black spots. We're not naming names but Meve Stadden needs to step up and get it straight.

You'll almost never see a fashion item labeled as "ocelot print," but that doesn't mean it's not used in fashion. Ocelot spots are like warped, elongated jaguar spots that sort of connect together in a chain to form a stripe. Also, April used to be obsessed with ocelots when she was nine, so show them some damn respect!

Hope this helps everyone!