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yaz please.

Way back in the year 2013, Kelsey and April would extensively study for their gruelling fashion history exams for hours and hours and hours, and then take a teeny, tiny break to watch entire television series. That spring, Fringe was our show du jour, because, Ahhmagad, I love Walter BishopIt also happens to have the perfect amount of Joshua Jackson-y-ness--which is lots. Lots of Joshua Jackson-y-ness is best.

During one of the best episodes ever, Walter is all alone in the desolate future, and there's this really dramatic scene where he picks up an old mixed CD, pops it into an abandoned NYC taxi cab, and hears music for the first time in a long time. It's seriously emotional if you've watched the entire series (I'm talking tears, people), and the song they chose was perfect, "Only You" by Yaz. It ended up being the song we poured our coffee to each and every morning, it got us out of bed, it started our day, and I can honestly say we just listened to it on repeat 13 times while writing this. Can't get sick of it. Impossible.

So, for your listening pleasure, here it is! All the way from March 15, 1982--exactly 32 years ago! This one's for you, Walter!


And if anyone is curious about Walter's dramatic scene with the taxi cab and the dandelion, we've included it here so you don't have to stumble all over the internet: