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this one goes out to donald, oscar, and all the other beautiful people...

Oscar time! As we took another handful of peanut butter M&M's and scrolled through our Instagram feed, whittling down the minutes until red-carpet-time, we stumbled upon @donalddrawbertson's latest creations. We knew immediately we had to share them with you, A. because they are AWESOME (like pretty much everything @donalddrawbertson does), and B. because they got us really excited for the red carpet! And all the great dresses! And all the terrible dresses! And all of the guessing of who will win what!

Ahhhhhh! Aren't they great?! Follow @donalddrawbertson on Instagram for more eye candy--you'll fall in love! And stay tuned for our next Margot vs Maude...OSCAR EDITION!! Duhn-duhn-duhhhhh!