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it's a vogue, vogue world...

Lately we've been feeling worldly…maybe it's the Olympics, maybe it's…well, no, it's definitely the Olympics. Yay Olympics! (These games have been exceptionally great--I just watched Canada win four gold medals in 24 hours, whaaa?! Amazing!)

So, in light of all this international competition, we're taking a look at the March 2014 covers for the various Vogue's across the globe! Vogue is published in 20 countries: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the US of A. Holy moly, tha'salotta Vogue! Each publication is entirely independent from the next, therefore each has it's own style, it's own artistic flare, and it's own zsa zsa zsu! Just a quick FYI, the March issue is the second most important magazine issue in fashion (next to the September issue of course), so these editors better bring their A-game!

Which March 2014 cover do you love the most?? (Post in the comments section, we're really, really, curious!)

Vogue Australia + Mia Wasikowska / Vogue Brazil  + Cara Delevingne / Vogue China + Tian Yi / Vogue Germany + Miley Cyrus / Vogue Japan + Ondria Hardin / Vogue Netherlands + Marique Schmimmel / Vogue Paris + Lara Stone / Vogue Paris + Lara Stone (second cover option) / Vogue Portugal + Julia Shvets / Vogue Russia + Anja Rubik / Vogue Spain + Arizona Muse / British Vogue + Daria Werbowy / Vogue Ukraine + Suvi Koponen / American Vogue + Rhianna 

Since not every country had their March cover released at the time of this post, we thought we'd give them a chance to represent themselves with their February 2014 cover, because we're super nice like that. We omitted Taiwan because their use of shadow lettering put off our stomachs, and they keep using the same font FOR EVERY ISSUE FOR THE LAST DECADE! It's so terrible we might need to write an entire essay about it, but as you can see the rest are quite pretty (especially Korea! Insert heart-eyed emoji here!):

Vogue Thailand + Aline Weber / Vogue Mexico  + Anna Selezneva / Vogue Korea + Kasia Struss / Vogue India + Parineeti Chopra / Vogue Italia + Sofia Coppola / Vogue Turkey + Arizona Muse