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so it's not even spring and we're already falling for fall

Having always been fans of British fashion, we always keep a watchful eye on London Fashion Week. From the explosion of mod culture in the sixties to the punk movement of the late seventies, who hasn't been influenced by this fashion powerhouse of a nation?? If we had to sum up this years LFW thus far, we'd have to say: loafers, primaries, mens tailoring, the forties, kaleidoscopic prints, and belts, belts, belts, it better be belted!

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Here are a few of our favourite collections thus far:

BURBERRY--We absolutely love the draping blanket coats and the scarves wrapped within belts! WE WANT OUR OWN PERSONALIZED PONCHO!! ("Never thought I'd say that…" -Kelso)

lfw burberry.jpg

MARY KATRANTZOU--We feel terrible having not ever paid any attention to this wonderful designer. Truly, the entire collection is covetable. We especially love the gorgeous flow and drape of the silhouettes and her unique use of patterns (of which she is known for). View the entire collection here and please scroll down to watch her interview, you'll fall in love. ("It's my favourite collection! Well this one and Vivienne…" -April)

lfw mary.jpg

MARIOS SCHWAB--This collection differs from the others we're featuring, but we quite enjoyed the nostalgic nod to the nineties--particularly the references to the cult classic film, The Craft, complete with a runway lined with seance candles and belted chokers that look like they might even be black velvet! Yah, he went there. ("See, we told you everything was belted!!" -Kelso)

lfw marios.jpg

MATTHEW WILLIAMSON--First of all, this striped runway is awesome. Secondly, we are in love with his ghillies inspired boots! ("Ghillies are highland dance shoes, for you non-Scots out there, and I want a pair [of these boots] in EVERY SINGLE COLOUR!" -April)

lfw matthew.jpg

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Red Label--Ugh, Vivienne, we love you! What fine examples of forties silhouettes and tailoring! Those triangle tights are to die for, your pattern mixing is magnificent, and your plaid is perfection. ("Who else thinks Pharrell is going to rock that hat on the next red carpet?!" -Kelso. "Hahaha, for sure he's going to!" -April)

lfw vivienne.jpg

ERDEM--While we weren't exactly gushing over this entire collection, we definitely were drawn to the soft metallics and delicate cutwork of this collection's cocktail length pieces. The use of appliqués were especially striking, particularly on the short-sleeve sheepskin coat, beauty! ("I'm always drawn to anything Valentino-esque, and this fits the bill. Oh god, 'fits the bill' makes me sound old…who says 'fits the bill'?" -April)

lfw erdem.jpg

PAUL SMITH--This is just effing effortlessly chic. It has all the elements we've been loving in LFW: the men's tailoring (specifically the forties style trousers), the colours, the belted coats…it's just great. ("We only chose one look as our favourite, but I honestly wanted to choose them all." -Kelso)

lfw paul 2.jpg

TEMPERLEY LONDON--This is another designer that's typically off our radar, but luckily April caught a glimpse and encouraged us to explore further, "It's so Sochi!" The eastern European influence here is wicked, every model looks like a chic Ukrainian Easter egg, and the double layering of belted jackets is superb. ("And those braids…" -April) 

lfw temperley.jpg