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style crush: yunalis zarai

Originally we set out to share a track by Yuna with you. Just plain and simple, "Hey, we like this song, you might like it too." Then, as we were searching google for a picture of her, we were all, Look at this layering! and, Ah, I love those leopard socks with those high-top oxfords! In an instant we were style crushing--hard. Not only is she killing it with her layering, pattern-mixing, use of colour, and talent, but this Malaysian-born, Muslim songstress is also pretty rad. She co-owns a women's clothing boutique in Malaysia, designs her own line of scarves, and has collaborated with Adidas and Pharrell (and in case you were asleep for most of 2013, Pharrell Williams owned 2013. Like owned it). When asked about describing her music as "a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay" she responds, "I can't believe people still hold onto that! It was a quote that I had on, like, my MySpace music page like seven years ago." Ha! 

Take a listen as you scroll through some of our favourite looks!