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margot vs maude: holiday wishlist edition

If you know Kelsey and April even a tiny bit, you know that they are each other's yin and yang when it comes to the production of Margot + Maude. Which is why we enjoy pairing off against one another to see how we differ and how, despite those differences, we are still very much the same. 

In fact, we named the blog "Margot + Maude" to represent not only the two of us but to represent all those who read the blog. You see, everyone is a little Margot (sensitive, feminine, light) and a little Maude (strong, boyish, dark)--a little sweet & a little salty--in varying combinations. Example: April is like 84% Margot and 16% Maude. Kelsey is roughly 21% Margot and 79% Maude, even though she thinks she's 1% Margot and 99% Maude. (See, this is a quality of those who are more Maude, but enough about the numbers…)

In celebration of the season and our love of things, stuff, and more stuff, we put together a holiday wishlist to help you buy that special something for the Margot or Maude in your life!

April: I love this blouse! It's perfect in any season. And I'd probably wear it even when I'm eighty. Kelso: This coat is amaze, I want it on my body. Now. All winter long. And I want to be holding a goblet of brandy and smoking a menthol slim. Hahaha. (~Points finger~ Kids, don't smoke.)

April: If you aren't following @humansofny on Instagram you should definitely get on that, but Instagram aside, this book is a great choice for anyone of any age and I can't wait to add it to my collection! Kelso: The book is always better then the movie, and I LOVED the movie.

April: This movie came out eight years ago and I didn't see it until last week! As I was watching I kept saying, "THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN." I probably said that eight times because IT'S TRUE and now I need seven copies of it so I can share it with everyone. Kelso: It's three seasons of Game of Thrones. Need I say more?

April: I'm obsessed with Bonnie Bell Espresso Eye Define eyeliner! It's the only one that doesn't rub off onto my lower lid when tight-lining and they're two dollars a pencil. Problem is I keep buying only one at a time and running out after 6 weeks! That's why I'd like a year supply in my stocking. I'm also always stocking up on this bamboo charcoal face soap. It's incredible. Kelso: OCC Lip Tar--all the colours and staying-power of a MAC Lip Glass but with the added element of being cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Perfect for this bleeding-heart animal lover.

April: I've never had these, but they look like they've been made by fairies and I NEED them. Kelso: I like Turtles.

April: I'm weirdly obsessed with this 15" tall dinosaur skeleton, even though I have no clue where I'd put it, so I've also included this fur throw because as soon as I touched it I imagined all the good times we'd have together. Kelso: No home is complete without a $300 piggy bank. I've always said that.

April: It's pretty. It's Labradorite. It's from a Canadian designer. And it will go with about a million things. Kelso: I've been obsessed with stars ever since I laid eyes on that DVF star dress (seen here 6 images in), now I want star EVERYTHING including this cuff from J.Crew. 

April: I reaaaally love holiday cocktails and I think this white chocolate grappa would make excellent peppermint white chocolate martinis! Kelso: Ketel One vodka, for the only drink I ever drink, vodka cran. 

April: I'm always looking to expand my clutch collection, and this would fill the beady-jewelly void nicely. Kelso: Totally inappropriate accessory for the season (I am in Winnipeg after all), thus I want it. April: Hot tip, Kelsey is never dressed for the weather. Never. It's shocking.

April: Interesting that we both chose drinking vessels for "Seasonal," haha. But I really love these copper mugs and I associate mugs with winter, and winter with hot beverages. (Usually spiked with Bailey's, Spiced Rum, Gingerbread Kahlua, or Pepperment Mocha Kahlua, all of which are currently in my arsenal…) Kelso: I don't care what anyone says, flasks are SEASONAL. April: Ummm… Kelso: No, wintertime is flask-time. And flask-time is party-time aka THIS at your holiday party.

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