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WANT OF THE WEEK: the crisp packet clutch

The want of the week AKA things that are too pricey for us to realistically purchase, so we pine over them and put them on here to torture you so we're not alone in our pain. It's the fashion equivalent to singing that song that's been stuck in your head so everyone in the vicinity gets plagued with your song-curse as well. Sorry, not sorry.

The Crisp Packet clutch ($1800 CAD) has been haunting us for pretty much all of 2014. Poppy Delevingne struts around London with itEmma Watson carried it to the Oscars, Solange used it to physically assault Jay-Z in an elevatoroh baby, if this bag could talk. Shiny, gorgeous, and a little deformed--what's not to love?! We'd take one in any colour, but if we're being choosey, April will take the silver (please and thanks) and Kelso will have the blue (now dammit)!