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happy hallow-mcqueen

When it comes to spooky/eerily talented designers, there is only one name worth noting: Alexander McQueen. We could spend hours detailing his expert tailoring, his impeccable genius, the influence of horror (and horror films) in his work, or that he "want[ed] people to be afraid of the women [he] dress[ed]," and at some point we probably will, but today, since it's Friday and it's Hallowe'en, we're going to take the "high school teacher on a Friday" approach--we're watching videos, people!

McQueen's runway shows are legendary. They were more than fashion shows, they were art installations, and the clothing carried the dialogue. We've selected a couple of our favourite/spookiest/creepiest shows to share with you, and if they leave you begging for more we've included a few extra links at the end. Happy Hallow-McQueen!

HIGHLAND RAPE, Autumn/Winter 1995

The models' torn garments and bloodied bodies ignited a fury, but this was no endorsement of rape, it was an exploration of Scotland's turbulent history with England.

JOAN OF ARC, Autumn/Winter 1998

A look back on the thrilling and frightening show that epitomized the designer's passion for pushing boundaries and culminated with Erin O'Connor surrounded by a ring of fire.

VOSS, Spring/Summer RTW 2001

The show started late (on purpose) forcing the audience to stare at themselves in the giant mirrored cube sitting in front of them. Tension builds and the cube eventually reveals a mental-hospital setting. Trapped, the models writh and laugh hysterically, getting madder by the minute and the conclusion is the. most. disturbing. scene. ever.

More for you: Widows of Culloden (complete with Kate Moss hologram), Horn of PlentyPlato's Atlantis (McQueen's last runway show).