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We hate to do this to you--add things to your continually growing/overflowing list of wants--but we had to share Donald Robertson's latest collaboration because we. love. him. so. much. If you haven't yet fallen in love with Donald and his paint splattered, gaffer-taped Instagram (where have you been?!), then we suggest taking about 8 seconds to properly stalk @donalddrawbertson--eight seconds is all it will take. Unless, of course, the first 'gram' you stumble upon is of his twin baby boys, then we're talking three.   

J.Crew women's Donald Robertson for J.Crew cheetah tee with pink cocoon coat and broken-in boyfriend jean.

We've been huge fans for over a year now, so our Insta-love is mega-huge. When given the opportunity to own a slice of some happy-hearted work by Donald we will always reply with a "YES PLEASE RIGHT NOW I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH" which is why we're oh so thrilled with J.Crew's collection of women's tees by Donald (they did a kid's collection earlier this year that had us wondering if we could reasonably wear a child size XL). 

April's tee is already in the mail! Squee! And Kelso is still plagued by indecision. Which one should she get? Which one would/will you choose?