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some like it trompe l'oeil...

For those of us cursed to never have graceful french accents gifted to our tongues, we pronounce this as delicately as we possibly can:"tromp loy."  And, by the way, this is a perfectly acceptable way of pronouncing this, you will not and should not receive any disapproving looks! If anyone gives you guff send them our way and we'll sick Kelsey on them.

Moving on...

Trompe l'oeil translated means "trick the eye" and is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion. How fun! In the late twenties, Elsa Schiaparelli (Skap-a-reli) introduced trompe l'oeil to fashion when she knit a sweater that appeared to have a scarf tied around the neck. Vogue declared her design "AN ARTISTIC MASTERPIECE!!" (we added the caps lock--we picture them yelling it) and Schiap was on the map.

Since then countless designers have had their fair share of fun fooling their audiences, here are a few examples of tromp l'oeil in fashion through the decades.

trompe l'oeil.png

Super fun, hey??

Later in the week we'll dig deeper into Elsa Schiaparelli because her awesomeness goes far beyond that sweater she created in 1927. Here's a teaser: she was pals with Salvador Dali and she had a rivalry with Coco Chanel! Agh! Crazy! Crazy awesome!