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zooey and tommy buddy up

Okay, we'll admit it, we stopped paying attention to Tommy Hilfiger sometime around nineteen-ninety...eight? Wait…that's not right--did we ever pay attention to Tommy Hilfiger?? Hmm, well now we're listening, Tommy, granted you don't have our full, undivided attention, but this latest collab has our ears perked.

Story goes, Tommy Hilfiger and Zooey Deschanel are introduced at a party, hit it off gabbing about their love of vintage fashion, he's like, This girl's legit! and the pair strike a deal to work together. Boom done. It's that easy to become a designer for Tommy Hilfiger. Bah-doomp-CHING! We kid, we kid…honestly the best part of this collab is that Deschanel's not running around being all, I'm a designer! I'm a designer! Look at me! She discussed cuts, fabrics, and details she admired and Tommy designed accordingly. 

The result is 16 dresses with a dose of Zooey (girly, flirty, vintagey), roughly 3 tablespoons of Tommy (red, white, and blue), and a splash of cotton (the fabric of our lives). Fourteen of these dresses will be available at Macy's starting April 14th, and all 16 will be available at Hilfiger stores April 21st. Why are two dresses being withheld for the Macy's launch? No clue. But we're more than curious to check out this limited edition capsule collection, which retails at $98 to $199. Especially since Hilfiger described the collection as, "Very Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy." For real? The Shrimps and the Twigs?! Count me in!

Below are sketches from the collection "To Tommy, From Zooey." (Before April even mentioned the name of the collection to Kels, she knew her reaction was going to be "Oh god" coupled with a pretty severe eye roll. Too much girly cutsie-ness makes Kelsey cringe…)