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some like it purple...

As we flipped through our fashion mags and recapped the spring 2014 runway shows, a single word kept creeping into our subconscious--PURPLE. After conversation consisting mostly of, There's that Stella McCartney dress again, I looooove that dress and, Uhmm, they made Lady Gaga look exaaaactly like Donatella in this adwe both just kind of stopped. A rare quiet swept over us, and in that moment of silence that slippery little six letter word simultaneously snaked it's way into our frontal cortexes  and came tumbling out of our mouths, "Purple is going to be HUGE this year!"

It's everywhere.

We should totally do a blog on it. Like, "We predict purple for 2014! Lanvin's spring show had a lot of purple and it was one of my favourites."

And so it was decided. Then, whilst Kelsey was sitting at home watching absolutely awful daytime television--we're talking Bethenny, The Talk, Dr. Oz (which, by the way, Kels has a PSA for you: "Never watch Dr. Oz, it makes you extremely paranoid to the point where you're texting all your friends not to use hand sanitizer because it will give you heart disease, and don't you even think about using anything with caramel colouring in it because it causes cancer. Then you realize soya sauce has caramel colour in it and you can never eat soya sauce again which is your second favourite condiment, next only to Frank's red hot sauce, and your entire day is ruined thanks daytime television." The lesson here is instead of avoiding soya sauce, avoid Oz.) Anyhow, as she watched this life-ruining television, it was announced on one of the talk shows that "Radiant Orchid" was just named the colour of the year by Pantone! Called it!


And while that specific colour has been selected to represent 2014, be prepared to have purples of all hues infiltrating your life. Even as a tap this out on my keyboard, my nails stare back at me dressed in Lucky, Lucky Lavender, a polish I previously thought I had selected arbitrarily (I haven't worn this in a while…), only to discover that it's selection was most likely the product of the media influence. Or maybe we'll call it keen intuition. Yah, let's go with keen intuition... 


Click through the images below for what we like to call Proof of Purple!