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margot vs maude: golden globes edition

Although they're often on the same wavelength, April and Kelsey (our bloggers/founders) have fairly distinct tastes when it comes to their own personal style. Naturally, we thought the Golden Globes was the perfect arena for our very first Margot vs Maude! Bring it on awards season! YAH WOO!

As promised here is our list of the good, the bad, and the what the hell is Paula Patton wearing?? (Click through the image below to see our top five best dressed.)

gg best dressed text.png

The theme of April's picks seems to be brights and solids, while Kelsey's picks have little to no colour…shocker. We should also note that Gucci really nailed the red carpet. And while we're on the topic, red nailed the red carpet. Imagine if Gucci and red had combined?! What then?!

Honorable mentions go to (click on these links for pics!): Leslie Mann (hot!), Robin Wright killing it with her young studly fiancé (Ben Foster, wha?! When did this happen??), best dressed family goes to the Sedgwick-Bacon's (obvs), Helen Mirren (oh please let us look like her at 68!), and the hostess with the mostest, Amy Poehler in her first dress of the night. (Love the bracelet, Amy!)

And now (drum roll…) our WORST DRESSED! There were some particularly terrible ones, but we focused on some of the night's bigger and most watched names. You'll notice Jennifer Lawrence made #5 on our worst dressed list, and it's not that we don't absolutely love her! It's just that the strapless gowns do nothing for her ultra-long torso. But J.Law, we do love you, we really do, you're killing it in the life game. And dear readers, please do yourself a favour and click here for a hilarious J.Law "Who wore it best?" that's been circulating. It's awesome.

gg worst dressed text.png

If you missed our commentary on the men of the Golden Globes, you can read all about their Snooki-esque behaviour here