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t'as le look COCO

The November issue of Stylist (France) did a pretty adorable Coco Chanel inspired shoot. One particular point of interest is that not all clothing for the shoot was sourced from Chanel but from a myriad of fashion labels; this is because the Chanel style pervades fashion in such a way that it's influence is EVERYWHERE. In your closet, your mom's closet, and even in your dad's closet. I mean, the woman was the first to use jersey as a fashion fabric! Previously only used for men's underwear, Coco was like, This is comfortable! and used it to make dresses, skirts, and tops like that cute striped one she's wearing below (upper left). 

Stylist France, November 2013

Photographer: Alvaro Beamud Cortes
Model: Marikka Juhler
Stylist: Belen Casadevall
Make-Up: Tiziana Raimondo
Hair: Olivier Lebrun

Here are a few more notable Coco-contributions so you know just who to thank when you get dressed each morning (we're sort of joking but also sort of serious): 

Layering jewelry; costume jewelry as an acceptable, pride-worthy accessory; tweed as a fashion fabric; spectator shoes; suntans as a covetable fashion accessory; the use of quilting on fashion items; the use of chain on fashion items; boater hats as fashion; the colour black as a fashion colour(!); the little black dress; designer perfume; short hair; the Chanel suit; and perhaps most important of all--making stylish clothing comfortable by going against the norm, saying no to corsets and wearing her boyfriends clothing out in public. Thank you, Coco!

Please note: This is not a complete list! The real list goes on and on and on and on...