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alber is the el-best

It was everywhere! Look through any fashion mag from the last 6 months and we guarantee you'll see at least one, if not more, of Lanvin's statement necklaces. And with good reason--they are awesome. So awesome that they're outliving the standard shelf life of today's high turnover fashion, most likely because they go with everything. Like literally everything. From ball gowns to oversize tees, this talkative treasure can transform the average outfit into a "Yes! Yes, yes, yes! So good. Yes." in a fraction of a second. Magic.

Another reason we love this piece (as if we needed another reason…) is because of Lanvin's creative director, Alber Elbaz. We adore him, because frankly, how can you not? The man is like a teddy bear personified. He's adorable, and sweet, and happy, and he wears bow ties, and he creates amazing fashion for women. As a seven year-old in Morocco, Alber would sketch a picture of his teacher and what she wore each day. At the end of the year he gave her the sketchbook as a gift. A-freaking-dorable! 

Needless to say, a Lanvin statement necklace was at the very top of our I WANT IT! list, but we simply could not swallow the $1600 price tag. Jeeezuz. We could however wait in line at a nauseatingly crowded Aldo Accessories for 20 minutes during the Christmas rush and pay $10 for an almost-Alber version of the "Love" necklace. And while the dollar amount may seem inexpensive, the pieces of our soul lost in that line were priceless. A true testament to how much we craved just the tiniest slice of this highly covetable piece. And although it may not be true "Love," for now it's all the love we need. (It's actually awesome with everything! I wear it while eating breakfast!)