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the yep-nope.

Can it be? Is the mullet…*gasp*…fashionable?? It seemed to creep up on us with a nimbleness, a grace, never before thought capable of such a clumsy, uncoordinated hairstyle, but lo and behold there it was…first on a few runways this spring, then flowing across editorials this fall before ultimately seducing its way onto the covers (the covers!) of this season's biggest fashion mags. Is it here to stay? Will it disappear as quickly and as stealthily as it arrived? Only time will tell.

For now, we recommend that if you're going to get on board with the Kentucky Waterfall, the Ape Drape, the Missouri Compromise, the Tennessee Tophat, or the Achy-breaky-bad-mistakey, do it with as much flare, as much style, and as little permanence as possible.

Click on the image below for further evidence that F/W 2013 is THE SEASON OF THE MULLET!

From Sandy B onward: American Vogue October 2013, Vogue Germany November 2013, L'Officiel Russia October 2013, Vogue Germany October 2013, Flare November 2013, Vogue Russia October 2013, American Vogue 2013, Harper's Bazaar Australia November 2013.