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some like it houndstooth...

Lately our houndstooth collection has been expanding. Big time. It's everywhere right now and we are lapping it up. I mean, if houndstooth were a fragrance, we would reek of it. In the best possible way of course. And then we would roll around in it all day long and probably have a bowl of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why is houndstooth so great? Why do we love it so much? Let's investigate.

The early history of this winning weave is both humble and foggy. Not everyone seems to agree on the exact time it arrived on the scene, but it was sometime in 1800's Scotland. It was worn by shepherds and, during a time when tartans were used to identify clans in battle, houndstooth was one of the few plaids unassigned to a clan hence it was sometimes worn as a symbol of peaceHmm, maybe that's why we like you so much...

Houndstooth appeared in the 1930's as a favourite for outerwear and men's suits when the Duke of Windsor (who was the Prince of Wales at the time, not to mention--a total babe) was spotted sporting a houndstooth suit. Vogue was all over it, and on January 15, 1934 published an article titled "H.R.H. Started It," thus sparking houndstooth mania in the thirties! It was a particular favourite among the upper class who wore it as a symbol of wealth, a far cry from it's modest beginnings cloaking shepherds.

But it wasn't until our boy Christian Dior arrived on the scene in 1947 that houndstooth was used for more than just outerwear. He loved this weave and although he used it mainly for outerwear, he also applied it to skirts, dresses, and even used it to adorn the bottle of his first designer fragrance, Miss DiorSince everything Christian made the world copied, houndstooth was once again the check of choice! Winning!

Which leads us to today, when houndstooth is EVERYWHERE, in every form, in every colour, in every echelon of society. And maybe we'll never know exactly why we love it so much, but we can be content with the fact that we do, and have loved it, for nearly 200 years. 

Side note: We can't bear to write an article on houndstooth without pointing you towards these fine examples of houndstooth at it's peak of awesome: click here.