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for all the lovers + the haters

We get it, Valentine's day is "a made-up holiday." We won't argue with you. Popular opinion says it's cooler to not celebrate it because corporate bullshit/love is for all days/any other reason...BUT! Can we all agree that we wouldn't be mad if we got a Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day) gift?? We'd be the opposite of mad; our little stone hearts would melt into sweet, runny, honey and our day would be made! So whether it's for/from your best pal, your sweetheart, or your mom, we've compiled a little last minute gift guide to give everyone a nudge in the right direction...

1. The Leah Alexandra Sunny Ear Climbers in Moonstone, $160, handmade in Vancouver by a super babe who you would want to be your bestie IRL. // 2. Ridiculously adorable cactus vase, $30, perhaps with some flowers from our pals at Academy Florist?? Um, yes. Definitely. // 3. The Kiss the Sun Dress from Somedays Lovin, $115, aka the perfect date night dress--it doesn't show wine spills! // 4. The Let the Night Roll bralet from Somedays Lovin, $44, has velvet. You don't need to know anything else. Velvet. // 5. The Leah Alexandra Fling Ring with Rose Quartz + Pink Chalcedony, $115, great for flings or full-time relationships...between it and your finger ;) // 6. The greatest little beaded, fringe-y bracelets from Jayu, $24 each, these are made fair trade by a company with the purpose of empowering women in Korea; they have girl power woven into their very core--sounds like the perfect galentine for your bestie, right?? // 7. The Lover's Kit from Province Apothecary, $38, all natural + made in Canada, you get a 30ml Sex Oil, a 30ml Lover's Oil massage oil, and the best fucking lip balm on the planet--pun intended. // 8. This bodysuit from Somedays Lovin, $72, is so beautiful and all we want to do is toss some high-waisted denim + an oversize army jacket over it--this move is also known as perfection. // 9. Hand-poured in freaking BRANDON, MANITOBA, Charleston & Harlow make the best candles we've ever met and they have some seriously sexy scents, $15, that will wow + soothe you as you watch Netflix alone and cry. If you're planning on crying for more than 30 hours we also have their larger candles, $32 each ;)

Helpful, yes?? See you at the shop lovers!

PANTONE: 2017 goes green

Each year Pantone selects a colour to represent the year ahead, often with high hopes for the bright future that lay before us! What did they foresee in 2016? A sense of compassion, composure, respite & relaxation even in turbulent times. You see, Pantone is an optimist. And, while last year's Rose Quartz & Serenity definitely showed up in fashion & design, the message attached to the colour choice didn't exactly adhere to 2016, a year that had more disgruntled tweets & disappointed memes directed towards it than even The Donald himself.

Keeping in mind that last year's pale pink & blue were chosen to support gender equality & trans rights, we couldn't help but be impressed by Pantone's complete lack of subtlety when they chose Greenery for 2017. Greenery! No guessing here, Pantone wants us to make the environment our number one focus. Despite their failed wish for 2016 and the slew of non-environmentalists in power in some of the most influential countries around the globe, Pantone remains an optimist! And you know what, we're right there with you, Pantone!

Now what does all of this mean in terms of fashion? Well, you'll likely see Greenery in accessories & home decor more than you'll see it as an actual garment--it can be a difficult colour to wear--but that doesn't mean you won't see it everywhere. It was very present at the Alice & OliviaDolce & Gabbana,  Rochas, Gucci, and Balenciaga spring shows, but more often than not, you'll notice it delicately incorporated into prints or in it's physical form: actual straight-up greenery.


Elle Germany // February 2017 // Model: Maud Welzen // Photographer: Joshua Jordan // Styling: Kathrin Seidel

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It's happening! That magical time of year when the WAG transforms into the biggest & best dance/costume party this side of...well, anywhere! Yielding four floors of dance party magic--yes, four--we always look forward to this one-of-a-kind gala, and this year we're going to have to look even further because Art & Soul 2017 is taking us TO THE FUTURE. That's right, this Saturday's Art & Soul is asking attendees to look Beyond Tomorrow.

Now, when we first heard the theme we immediately knew we had to do--channel our inner Fifth Element. (That's not just us, right, having an inner Fifth Element is universal?) So that's just what we did! We've complied some inspiration to help motivate fellow future-seekers in the form of 175 pins & counting. We're talking architectural silhouettes, metallic body paint, outlandish headgear--it's all there! 

Click here for: Our Beyond Tomorrow Inspiration Board

Art & Soul: Beyond Tomorrow // Saturday, January 21, 8pm - 2am