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Some questions you likely have about Margot + Maude...

What is the purpose of all this?

To live out our dreams, dammit! We fell in love with independent retail at the tender ages of 18 and 22. Just little babes happy to have a job. Eventually, our corresponding yet opposing skill sets inspired us to start our own venture! Over the last few years we've researched, educated ourselves (Fashion Merchandising at Blanche MacDonald, various small business courses, reading EVERYTHING, you name it), and kept tabs on our favourite brands and philosophies. We started this blog to keep our pulse on fashion and dip our toes into branding and social media until we found the perfect location and scraped up just enough dollars to get the doors of our very own shop open! 

Is it true April has the same birthday as Jack Nicholson? Sorry--I mean, is it true Jack Nicholson has the same birthday as April? Sorry.

Yes, it's true--they're star mates. It's also the same day we celebrate Planet Earth. Coincidence? Possibly, but who can say for sure.

Who's that I hear singing in the shower?

That's Kelsey. She is a fantastic singer and hates when people know about it. Naturally we thought we should out her publicly on the world wide web. *Cause that's what friends aaaaare fooorrr!*

Who are Margot + Maude?

Short answer: April Matheson & Kelsey Steuart.

Long answer: When the pair  were dreaming up names they wanted to something that represented the two of them...two halves of a whole: one warm, one cool; one sensitive, one tough; one sweet, one salty. April started thinking about her grandmother, Margaret Helen, who was something of a rebellious fashionista in her day (she wore all black to her wedding shower. In 1952. Unprecedented)! While Margaret didn't really convey the vibe they were looking for, they felt Margot was perfect, and still close enough to Margaret to pay homage to April's grandmother. Now who to pair with Margot? Cue Maude...not only does it lend a nod to the "mod" era of sixties fashion, it also aligned with two of their favourite movie characters: Margot Tenenbaum & Maude Lebowski! Perfect. To top it all off, one day when the pug-obsessed Kelsey ("aggghh I want one!") and the Valentino-obsessed April ("aggghh he's perfect!") were googling things they stumbled upon the greatest, most serendipitous find ever. Valentino has 5 pugs. (Duh, we already knew that.) But here's the clincher: the mother pug is named Molly, her two sons are Monty and Milton, and her two daughters are...wait for it...Margot and Maude! Yowzas! It's meant to be! Not only that, but we hope it's an indication that we are on the same wavelength as the last emperor himself! (Fingers crossed!)

Is it true that Margot + Maude know EVERYTHING about fashion?

Oh hells no. We don't know everything, but what we do know, we like to share. We are firm believers that education and knowledge add value to everything, including fashion. Knowing the science behind fibre content, the properties of various weaves of fabrics, and the history of styles, style icons and fashion houses helps understand why the fashion industry is what it is, which is important because you wear clothes everyday! Our education coupled with a combined 26 years of retail experience mean we can help you find the fit/cut/colour that's perfect for your bod!